US Hands Over First Set Of 100 Ventilators To India To Fight COVID-19

New Delhi, June 16 – US Ambassador to India Kenneth I Juster today handed over the first batch of 100 ventilators from US Agency for International Development (USAID) to New Delhi at the Indian Red Cross Headquarters.

The ventilators were handed over to India to treat coronavirus patients as promised by US President Donald Trump last month.

The first lot of ventilators, which arrived on Monday from Chicago, have been manufactured by Zoll, a US-based firm.

A senior government official told news agency ANI: “On Monday, about 100 ventilators arrived from the United States as a donation. Ventilators would come to India by Air India flight. This is entirely managed by the India Red Cross Society.”

“There is a small inaugural function at IRCS after which these ventilators would be distributed to hospital for patient care,” the official said.

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