Punjab had a similar problem, corruption, we stopped it, here too after forming the government we will root out corruption – CM Bhagwant Mann

Congress ruled Rajasthan for 50 years, BJP for 18 years, and did nothing, they only looted Rajasthan – Arvind Kejriwal

19, June –  Addressing a huge rally of the Aam Aadmi Party in Ganganagar, Rajasthan on Sunday, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that the problem of corruption that Rajasthan is facing, was a big issue in Punjab too, but we stopped it here. Once the government is formed, we will root out corruption from this state too.  He said that in Punjab we made a law against corruption and sent many big former ministers to jail. After the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government, action will be taken against all the corrupt here too who are roaming freely now.  Mann accused the Congress that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tried hard to fail this rally of the Aam Aadmi Party. They send mercenaries to show us black flags. But can’t be stopped like this. We’ll only move faster.

Mann said that the biggest problem of Rajasthan is water. We want to talk about it openly. Rajasthan receives 18,000 cusec liters of water from Malot and Giddarbaha areas of Punjab. But the Gehlot government decided to repair the canal May-June when water is still needed. I even asked him to do it in October-November, but he did not agree.  He said that earlier the dirty water which used to come from Punjab to Rajasthan through Budha Nala will now come completely clean. We have prepared a Rs 600 crore project to completely clean the water of Budha Nala and have made Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal in charge of it.

On the issue of water, Mann attacked Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Badal and said that those who drink Bisleri have nothing to do with the water of rivers and canals. Parkash Singh Badal has put his son Sukhbir Badal at the head of Punjab. On the other hand, instead of giving a chance to its family and relatives, the Aam Aadmi Party gives a chance to the common people. Makes people of ordinary background MLAs, MPs and ministers.  n Rajasthan too, the Aam Aadmi Party will give MLA tickets to common people only.

We don’t make noise, our work does, wherever our government is, our work speaks for itself – Kejriwal

Addressing the rally, AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal attacked the BJP-Congress and said that Congress ruled Rajasthan for 50 years and BJP for 18 years, but both the parties did not do any good work for the state or the people. Together they have only looted Rajasthan. He said that we do not make noise like other parties, our work speaks for itself. We set up mohalla clinics in Punjab. You are upgrading schools. Made electricity free. We will make schools, colleges and hospitals better when the government is formed in Rajasthan as well. Here too people will get free electricity.

He said that there are 18 lakh registered unemployed in Rajasthan. 50 lakhs according to me. In Punjab, the Mann Government has given government jobs to more than 30,000 youths in just one year and private jobs to about 3 lakhs. We gave employment to 12 lakh youths in Delhi. We know how to provide employment. Vote for us, we will give employment to the unemployed youth here too. Apart from this, we will make Mohalla Clinics in every village of Rajasthan and upgrade government hospitals.

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