Maintaining law and order and drug prevention is the main priority-SSP. Avneet Kaur

Appeal to media partners to maintain coordination with police administration

By Amrit Pal Sidhu Brar

Fazilka, 24 February-

The newly appointed SSP of the district Mrs. Avneet Kaur Sidhu held the first press meet with the media persons at the SSP office. On this occasion DSP Kailash Chandra was also present. Talking to the press on this occasion, SSP Avneet Kaur said that solving the problems of the people on priority basis, maintaining law and order and drug prevention will be their main priority.

She further said that Fazilka district is on the border and this deadly disease will be eradicated from the root by cooperation of Punjab Police with BSF to prevent drugs on the border. Talking about the elimination of drugs/thefts etc. in the city, he said that the Punjab Police is conducting a continuous search operation and these evils will be eliminated with the support of the people.

The SSP further said that strict action will be taken against vehicles without number plates and stolen vehicles etc. in the city and full vigilance will be maintained at police checkpoints and anti-social elements will not be spared. Talking about the traffic arrangement and removal of illegal encroachments in the city, he said that special efforts will be made to keep the traffic in a smooth manner with the collective support of the local administration and people so that people do not face any difficulty during the Awaja.

The SSP reiterated that she will leave no stone unturned in solving the problems of the people on priority basis. Getting justice to the people will be the priority of the police administration and every problem of the people will be solved in the police stations, police stations and police department offices.

The crackdown against anti-social elements will be tightened and strengthening peace, tranquillity and communal harmony in the district will be the priority of the police administration. The SSP asked the officers of the police department to listen to people with dignity and respect when they come to the office and solve their problems on a priority basis.

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