AAP’s Delhi Govt. purchased Oximeters at exorbitant prices as compared with Corona Fateh Kits: Balbir Sidhu

Chandigarh, June 11 – The Health & Family Welfare Minister Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu on Friday lambasted the Aam Admi Party’s leaders for misleading and playing vested interests politics on Corona Fateh Kits as AAP’s Delhi Government purchased Pulse Oximeter at exorbitant prices on May 5, 2021.

Lashing out at AAP leaders, Mr. Sidhu said that before raising queries at Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab Government, they have to conduct self-analysis, what they did in the national Capital Delhi where thousands of people died on roads in lack of treatment and screaming for oxygen & beds availability in hospitals.

Exposing the undue rates of Pulse Oximeters purchased by AAP Party, Mr. Sidhu said that on May 5, 2021, they issued the purchase order to M/s. V&M Galaxy to supply 20,000 supply Oximeter at Rs. 1300 each, M/s Divesh Chaudhary for 2000 at rate of Rs. 1290 each,   M/s Edif Medical Systems for 5,000 at Rs. 1250 each, M/s Abhilasha Commercial Pvt. Ltd for 13000 Oxymeters at a rate of Rs. of 1300. He said that how could Delhi Government purchase the same Oximeter from various firms at different prices, whereas at present Punjab Government has been providing the Corona Fateh Kits to patients at the very low price of Rs. 883 which included 19 items such as Digital Thermometer, Steamer, Pulse Oximeter, Hand Sanitizer (500 ML), Facemask Three Ply, and all essential medicines.

In view of rising cases during the second wave, the Punjab Government purchased Corona Fateh Kits at the maximum rate of Rs. 1195 when there was scarcity worldwide, he clarified adding that all purchasing was made in a transparent and impartial manner to fulfill the rising demands. He said that Punjab is the single State among all where these treatment kits have been provided to the Covid Patients.

He added that bulk purchase of any item is always based on wholesale prices but Delhi govt had looted public exchequer by taking the adverse and suspicious route to give undue favor to these firms with the connivance of big suppliers.

Terming the Delhi’s so-called World Class Model of Health Infrastructure of Aam Admi Party as a castle built in the air, Mr. Sidhu, responding to the allegations of AAP Leaders, said that doesn’t suggest us to adopt the Delhi Model which was built up purely on social media, not on the ground. He said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had deliberately imposed the lockdown as he was well aware, he was not in the capacity to provide the health facilities and food to the working forces.

Reacting sharply to the AAP’s leaders for the shortage of healthcare facilities in the State, the Health Minister stated that when Delhi Government has stepped back to provide treatment to its own citizens then Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has ordered to open the doors for all. He said that if there is a shortage of healthcare facilities and ventilator beds in Punjab then why Delhiites are coming to Punjab for getting quality health services?

Mr. Sidhu quipped that AAP, instead of showing a mirror to Delhi Government, they are trying to malign the image of Punjabis who always stand with all communities during crisis times. However, they (AAP) are raising fact-less allegations to gain the lost base in Punjab.

Taking a dig at BJP Govt. for purchasing unapproved Coronil Kits of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali, the Health Minister said that it’s shameful that Khattar’s Government has decided to purchase controversial kits for the treatment of coronavirus.

Mr. Sidhu pointed out that Khattar’s Government has also purchased Pulse Oximeter from M/s Lovaani Impex Pvt. Ltd. at an excessive price of Rs. 825. He apprised that they (Khattar govt) all set to buy Baba Ramdev Kits which don’t have any Oximeter and allopathic medicines, while IMA has already declared it as useless and unscientific for COVID treatment.

However, Mr. Sidhu also slammed the SAD for using Sangat funds for personal popularity in the pretext of COVID treatment and he also asked the SAD President, it’s shameful that you are attentionally utilizing the Sangat donation for personal gains as he already lost their credibility base by supporting the Black Agriculture Laws in Lok Sabha.

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