Aam Aadmi Party demonstrated against corruption spread in Municipal Corporation

Chandigarh, August 31 –  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chandigarh protested in front of Municipal Corporation office against rampant corruption and increase in taxes by Municipal Corporation Chandigarh.  Chandigarh Police used lathi charge and water cannons to stop AAP workers who had gathered in large numbers on the occasion.  Due to which the incharge of the municipal corporation election committee of the party including AAP workers, Chandramukhi Sharma got injured.
AAP Chandigarh co-in-charge Pradeep Chhabra and AAP City President Prem Garg strongly condemned the lathi-charge and water cannons by the police during the peaceful protest by the party workers.  They said that it is the constitutional right of the people to protest peacefully for their demands, but the police administration wants to take away people’s constitutional rights at the behest of BJP leaders.

Seriously injured AAP leader Chandramukhi Sharma has demanded from the Chandigarh Administration that the police lathi-charge on peaceful protesters without the orders of the Duty Magistrate should be investigated and strict action should be taken against the guilty police officers.
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers gathered in front of the Municipal Corporation office in large numbers, who under the leadership of Chandigarh’s co-in-charge Pradeep Chhabra, Election Committee Incharge Chandramukhi Sharma and Prem Garg President AAP Chandigarh had gathered in front of the Municipal Corporation office.  Slogans were raised against the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, the corporation mayor and the Chandigarh administration.
Addressing the workers, Pradeep Chhabra, co-in-charge, Chandigarh and Prem Garg President of AAP Chandigarh said that the corruption spread in the corporation has put a dent in the eyes of the residents of the city.  The officials are not doing the work of the residents without taking bribe, for which the ruling BJP and the mayor are directly responsible.  He said that in order to remove the corrupt from the power of the corporation, the Aam Aadmi Party will visit every city resident and inform about the facilities being provided to the people under Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi model.
Addressing the protesters, Chandramukhi Sharma, Sandeep Bhardwaj and Vikram Pundir said that the residents of the colonies of Chandigarh are leading a life deprived of facilities.  There is neither drinking water nor an adequate sewerage system in these colonies.  He alleged that the poor families were bearing the brunt of the huge increase in water and sewerage bills by the Municipal Corporation.  The corporation has made poor people financially weak by putting an extra burden of taxes on them.  A large number of AAP Chandigarh officials and workers were present on this occasion.

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